Christian-Muslim Dialogue Group in Leicester


How can we, as women of faith, come together enjoy our time with each other, share our experiences, learn new skills and build friendships? 

These are the questions I was asking myself as I was heading to Raheema’s house, where a meeting was held to discuss the women’s group. Raheema Caratella, who is receiving an award on her great work in the field of inter faith next week (7 May 2013) at the House of Lords, invited me and women from Leicester to meet in her house and take the discussion forward. The colourful image here reflects the ideas we had on the day to attract many people:

June - Strawberry picking: Sandra Herbert, who was present at the meeting, told us about her farm, Whetstone Pastures where the women could come along with their children after school for an afternoon tea, picking strawberries and talking about the natural environment and how our faith impacts on our understanding of 'being greener'. This will take place on Wednesday 5th June, from 4pm onwards. Attendees are free to go with their cars, alternatively, Raheema will be booking a mini bus that will leave from a central location for the attendees.

July & August - Inter faith Iftari: Since Ramadan will be from mid-July to mid-August, we thought about partnering up with a local mosque to organise an inter faith iftari (breaking the fast).

September - Social media: At the launch of The Edge report in Leicester last year, we asked women to tweet at the event, and a few asked what that means. Seema, who was one of the attendees, told me about organising a training session for women on using social media. This group would be a good opportunity for everyone interested to attend, to learn using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others. Details to follow.

October - Harvest: we have two great practical days where we can all get involved in October.

  1. Attending a volunteer day with Fare Share to distribute food to those who need it most
  2. This has lots of people excited about: knitting! We can all do it from beginners to advanced. We can knit for premature babies, animal sanctuaries, hens, or even children in hospital.

December – Dialogue: A dialogue session is to be held, focusing on participants being able to hold a deep and meaningful dialogue together on a range of topics.

Women are welcome to join the Facebook group: Muslim-Christian Women's Dialogue Group in Leicester where updates about each activity will be posted.

Many thanks to Raheema for having hosted us at her house and her great hospitality. 

For further information about these activities, please contact: Raheema Caratella, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Zahra Imame
Near Neighbours Project Worker


+3 #1 Julian Bond 2013-05-02 18:57
Thanks Zahra, Fatima and Raheema.

There is a Sikh woman working for the Feast in Birmingham who could help with social media.

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