Love thy Muslim Neighbour


Contrasting experiences can distort our view of Muslims and Islam.

Mandy Pilz, in this article from Christianity magazine explores how we can begin to understand and love our Muslim neighbours.

Mandy's article includes her experience of attending our 'London Leaders' event: 

'I attend a Near Neighbours conference run by the Christian Muslim Forum to get a flavour of interfaith initiatives, which have greatly increased in number since 9/11. Attended by Muslim and Christian leaders, here the buzz words are 'respect', 'friendship' and 'cohesion', where everyone is well-versed in honouring 'the other' and their beliefs, but without any apparent syncretism. One obvious merit is that it gets Christians and Muslims talking to each other under the same roof, which surely serves to break down preconceived ideas on both sides ... I leave Near Neighbours feeling unexpectedly persuaded that good can come from interfaith initiatives.'


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